ES File Explorer Apk Download For Android Latest Version 2019

ES File Explorer Apk Download – In the era of the digital landscape, mobiles and smartphones have enhanced the people way of thinking. A couple of billion people uses Android phones. The reason is of the enhancing technology and mobile applications. One of the biggest clutch with Android is that most devices don’t come with an app that lets you explore the file system.

For all such hassle, Android companies are building the applications to make the scrolling of file manager alive. With the technology update and security checks, people need to take care of the caches and cookies. It should be removed on intervals to make the file manager application run on full-fledged combinations. That explains why there are so many file explorer apps on the Google Play Store, many of which are free and useful. I would suggest you go with ES File Explorer. You should know about the file manager to see what is trending in the digital world.

ES File Explorer Apk Download for Android Phones and Tablets


ES file explorer apk for android has enhanced the people way to look at the mobile application. The extension files and the other format files need to be in sequence to make the finding simpler. ES File Explorer app provides Android phone users a fully-featured file manager that explores phones, PCs, and Macs by leveraging LAN, FTP, and Remote Bluetooth. Wow! That feels amazing to read.

Let’s explore more about the Android Application. It includes the file management that you can scroll and use the different functions in different formats. The cloud storage is booming the clientele compatible with the Drive, OneDrive, and more. Filled with the enhanced feature discussed below, it is rich and compatible with the added features. The apps make you stay connected with the internet via 3G, 4G, or edge computability. You can share all the added files of audio, video, etc.

Here are some of the more important features of ES File Explorer:

  • Real-time file and folder search

The search box of the file manager is simplified. The search box will be updated with every character you input. With the app allocation, lost files can be easily found compatible to file extensions.

  • Easy scheduling of task

Within the app, you can perform the simpler task like-cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, or compress both files and folders. With the double press, you can access the multiple tasks also. Easy to scroll, easy to access folders.

  • Access your favorite files

By the frequently-accessed files, you can then use the Favorites filter to quickly access those files whenever you need.

  • Remote Management access

You can easily browse, scroll, and make the transfer more alive with FTP via Wi-Fi network. You can also transfer files to your Bluetooth by captivated directly.

  • Access to the different files

You can easily make the access to.RAR and.EXE files. ES File Explorer can easily encrypt and decrypt using with AES-256, which is great for protection, and it can put a halt to AES-256.

On top of the basic file management functionality, ES File Explorer offers a handful of other features like:

  • Cache Cleaner

You can clear all cached data to make the scroll and sync easy. All the data need to synchronize on a timely basis.

  • Backup and restore

Easily you can restore your files in the versions like-zip, XML, rar, exe, and txt. You can scroll and use them as per your choice.

  • Cloud Storage

The ES file explorer App is favored, as it supports several different platforms accordingly like-Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3,, and more.

How to effectively manage your SDCard storage space with ES file explorer


ES Files has an inbuilt SD Card Analyst. This allows you to make the decision to fill the space with the available files. You can give details of all files on this storage organ and how much space each item occupies. This information can help in free space while not deleting vital files.


From the technology updates. People are using the ES File Explorer apk to keep their file secured and safe.

Too often used of all features

Es File Explorer Apk Download tries to do too much. The most common complaint among Play Store reviews includes the enhanced use of the features, without knowing their functionality. It is needed to be avoided.

The free version is loaded with ads

People are frustrated with the pop-up ads. The timely appearance becomes a hindrance and it happens in the free version of the Android Phone. One can use the app for sure as free or Paid.

With the inclusion of the drawback, technology has provided people with different solutions. With the ES File Explorer Apk Download /browser you can make your File manager handlings easy than before.

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